First of all read the instructions before you start. You’ll need a mirror and a clock or watch with second’s hand.
Don’t use in case of concerning sensitivity for one of the material. Up to the day of today no side effects are known, but cannot be excluded.
We use Vinyl Polysiloxane as impression material; type O a very high consistency-putty.


  • Firstly cool pasta in packing approximately 1 up to 2 hours in the refrigerator, not in the freezer. Make sure you can see the clock. Obtain with clean hands the pasta from the packing.
  • Knead the blue and white pasta quickly in each other within MAX 30 seconds so that an even colour arises.
  • PAY ATTENTION: The pasta starts now to become hard, so immediately go to step 2.


  • Make a role of the pasta and divide it in the impression tray. Make sure that you use more pasta in the front (front-teeth).
  • Make sure that the pasta follows the line of the impression tray.
  • PAY ATTENTION: Use nearly all of the pasta. Keep a small quantity as check-up. (last photo)


  • Put the impression tray in front of the mirror in your mouth and move the upper or lower teeth in the middle of the pasta on approximately half a centimetre of the front.
  • Press the impression tray in one move STRAIGHT up with your thumbs or down with your forefingers on your canines, until it touches tops of your teeth. Make sure that your lip stays over the front of the impression tray. (photo)
  • Press with your fingers straight under your nose on the above side of the impression tray to press back somewhat of the squeezed pasta.
  • Keep the impression tray 4 minutes in your mouth to harden.
  • PAY ATTENTION: Do not move or talk to avoid deformities.


  • Obtain the impression tray out of your mouth by moving the handle up and downstairs. Making this levering movement the impression tray will slowly come loose and your impression will be ready. Rinse with cold water!
  • PAY ATTENTION: Leave the pasta in the impression tray.


  • Inspect the impression. Make sure that the front 8 to 10 teeth as well as the gums above the teeth are visible in your impression.
  • Repeat steps 1-5 for the lower teeth. In case of error, or if you cannot see all 8 to 10 of the front teeth and the gums above the teeth, another impression will be needed. An extra set of putty has been provided in the impression kit.
  • In case of uncertainty contact your local dentist!
  • A perfect impression is needed for a fine, lovely piece of jewellery!


  • Fill in the answer form in busy characters and write your name and address on the label.
  • Put the answer form and impression tray in the return envelope.


  • Send the return envelope directly to JU*MA Jewel-Smile to avoid desiccations.


  • Your mouth jewel will be delivered in this beautiful box. It will arrive in your post box at home within 5 to 20 business days

If possible we make it your way or close to it. Remember the shine of diamonds.

Oh yes, like you already noticed: We, or you give (y)our jewellery names, not numbers and also a small phrase why particular this name. We find this more sympathetical and personal and we think you do too? So, feel free and let the muse descend in you.