JU*MA Jewel-Smile specializes in making removable mouth jewellery.

  • The removable mouth jewels are designed to fit over your existing teeth so that you may “snap” them on and off at your leisure. You wear them on a casual basis only because they will never fit anyone else. The mouth jewels should not be worn while eating or sleeping.
  • The staff at JU*MA Jewel-Smile are not dentist so we do not restore broken and/or decayed teeth.
  • This product is not intended to be a substitute for dental prosthetics.
  • This product is only for temporary use and prolonged use is not recommended. Wear it as you would with other jewellery and clean your jewel after each use.
  • Use proper dental cleaning before and after each use.
  • Should any gum irritation occur or if you have a decayed or painful tooth discontinue its use and seek professional dental advice.
  • There are absolutely NO refunds. All sales are final.
  • This product offers absolutely NO protection for your teeth and is not designed or intended to be used as a weapon or tool.
  • JU*MA Jewel-Smile, our staff and affiliated companies are NOT responsible or liable for any damage, injury, illness or disease caused by the use or misuse of this product.
  • I hereby permit JU*MA Jewel-Smile to perform the process of taking an impression of teeth and understand that this is a necessary part of the purchase and manufacturing process.
  • We will not start your order until your deposits are received.


Advantages of the jewel

  • None ongoing and exuberant production of saliva.
  • No bite on metal so that you can normally close your mouth.
  • Does not affect your speech.
  • No scrapes on the teeth.
  • Does not affect the position of your teeth.
  • 100% tooth friendly.
  • No taste loss of drinks.

Here some FAQ’s

  • Clean with soft suds and a soft toothbrush. Don’t use scrubbing materials to avoid scratches. No acids.
  • When taking the impression yourself, clean your teeth properly.
  • The jewel cannot replace in anyway thorn or missing teeth. (It stays a jewel)
  • It is possible to foresee eight elements. (cover)
  • Our jewels can be foreseen with diamonds and brilliants but at an extra cost.
  • Your teeth have to be full grown to avoid non-fitting.
  • The jewel does not cause teeth decay when properly used.
  • The jewel can be made for the upper as well as the lower teeth and creates a very special effect if chosen for both.
  • We warn to carefully put in and remove the jewel to avoid tooth damage when handled too careless.
  • We advise to consult dental care if tightening of the jewel is necessary.
  • What can: drink, making love, kissing, party, go out.
  • What cannot: eat, sleep.
  • We absolutely use no Blood Diamonds but conflict free diamonds.
    Our Diamonds: Colour; H, Clarity; S/1, Cut; round, Carat; your choice.