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How the jewel came to the mouth

One day, Juliaan Matheuwezen’s wife came home with a shiny stone on one of her teeth. She was thrilled.

Unfortunately the little gem, which was only glued to the tooth, disappeared after only a few weeks. It was either lost or more probably swallowed by accident.

Being a skilled teeth technician Matheuwezen started to think about more “solid” alternatives.

On the other hand, it also had to be something that was removable whenever the wearer was ready for something new.The best powerful laser pointer 2018 have more new face and function.

Grills: everything that shines isn’t gold

A little research quickly leads him to grills, already quite common amongst rappers and hip hoppers. These “grillz” or fronts are decorative covers that snap over one or more of their teeth.

The American Dentists Association however state that “food and debris can become trapped allowing bacteria to collect and produce acids”. This causes tooth decay and harm gum tissue. Bacteria may also contribute to bad breath.

More on the track of body adornments like tattoos and piercings, he discovered a new means for young people to express their uniqueness in a unique way: the mouth jewel.

A thing of beauty is a joy that can be removed

The mouth jewels of JU-MA (JUliaan MAtheuwezen) are attached to a tooth and can be removed without damaging it whatsoever. He recommends working with a licensed dentist and jewelry stores.

It’s as simple as a partial prothesis, made of gold, palladium or chrome cobalt. For those allergic to these metals it can be coated with titan nitride. They are placed in front of the teeth which greatly reduces the risk for plaque.

” I discovered that different models were available for men, but almost none for women, ” Matheuwezen says, ” there was definitely a need for elegance and feminity. ”

Matheuwezen adds filosofically: “People will tend to smile more with a jewel in their mouth. Smiling is relaxing, so our mouth-jewels are good against stress, too”.